Mastication Live


So, MASTICATION LIVE is a rough and rugged and saliva ridden food format for the young at heart and the stodgy tight assed food critic who will truly enjoy our forages into the trash looking for the best food we can. Lets say it's a DEAN MARTIN AND JERRY LEWIS of food comedy, but this time it's 30-40 something girlies and dark alleys and sticky passages looking for the best and worst of food to share, enrage, revolutionize and expiate our sins, yes, our political sins of America.   Sorry but its true.   Because it's really bad right now.   So gotta dance, gotta dance and scam food!   Because it ain't easy!

We talk to our homeless comrades, who travail and traverse the wild, steam-clogged city from food pantry to free hand-outs, to snacks on the street to foraging through the bins and trash containers after a restaurant's late night closing.  

This is our first show and here at MASTICATION where one mans garbage is another mans dinner, so don't judge.   What people throw out in terms of food, waste spillage, refuse and debris, is unbelievable.   Ok, so once a waitress always and I've waited on the best and the worst and I've seen waste beyond belief.   Envisage a plate of filet mignon bitten only once, in fact, not even bitten, but licked!!    At that point, I took that sucker, with my bare hands, stuffed in a napkin, threw in my bag, and by the end of the night, the entire bag was stained with mignon blood, but you know the cats in my hood ate for two days a good hearty meat meal was had by all felines who from that day on were attached to my leg like crazy glue for life!

So listen, learn and awaken to the howl of this dirty city and the two females who go lurking in the swilling, steaming, stinky streets of Gothem!

In the words of JACKIE GLEASON, “And away we go”



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